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We’re all experts at something. And when it comes to cruise vacation, you want someone on your side who knows it inside and out. Nadia Jastrjembskaia certified Elite Cruise Counselor for Aurora Cruises and Travel, LLC, may provide the guidance you need.

Go with experience and expertise of Nadia Jastrjembskaia (you don’t need to learn how to pronounce her last name!) Our main focus is on value, expertise and quality of your cruise vacation.

What You Get:

  • Personalized service from top cruise counselor
  • Customized itineraries with unique, authentic experiences
  • Free vacation assessment: value for your time and money
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Nadia …I want to thank you for making my honeymoon so special. I had an awesome time. And yes, the room was decorated; even the door had a sign saying celebrate love. And the strawberries were great. I will be contacting you for my next cruise. Thank you for all you did. I will recommend your services…Bryan and Jackie, Miami, Florida.

5 Myths About Cruise Counselors:

Myth 1: No one uses travel agents anymore. Fact: Travel agents have advanced from traditional airline ticket purchases to offering specialty tours, packages and cruises. 87% of cruises are now sold by travel agents.
Myth 2: I can find something cheaper on my own. Fact: Devoting myself for over 5 years to training and expertise in this field, I am sure to find your perfect fit. Advertised prices are mostly base fares before taxes and fees, and very well may have undisclosed constraints.
Myth 3: The value of a travel agent has diminished. Fact: The true value of a travel agent lies in the customer service before, during, and after your trip. Instead of hours of vague research, I can provide information catered to your needs directly. With constant provider’s training and current certifications, you can rely on my expertise for answers instead of unreliable sources. Among other benefits, you have a direct contact in case of questions or problems. That also comes handy when I can offer more leverage in solving issues  directly with providers.
Myth 4: All travel agents are the same Fact: There are many aspects to vacationing. Finding a travel agent that specializes in your needs is essential.
Myth 5: Cruise counselors are expensive Fact: When you book your cruise directly from cruise line or online, travel agent’s commission is built in into price. This means that you pay for personalized service that you didn’t receive.

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