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I Am Your Cruise Expert

Nadia_Square_250x250[1]Let me introduce myself. My name is Nadia Jastrjembskaia, Elite Cruise Counselor and Cruise Expert Plus, Owner of Aurora Cruises and Travel. What does it mean to be a Cruise Expert?

As a Cruise Expert, I am certified by Royal Caribbean International. In their training courses, I am at the top tier level – Cruise Expert Plus status.

I am also an Elite Cruise Counselor and Luxury Cruise Specialist, those certifications from CLIA – Cruise Line International Association. To become a certified Elite Counselor, there are a series of classes, tests, ship inspections and seminars at sea. CLIA ranks its Travel Agents by Accredited Cruise Counselor (ACC) to begin, then Master Cruise Counselor (MCC) and at the highest, Elite Cruise Counselor.

What does this all mean to you? It is in my ability to share my insider knowledge and expertise when I arrange your cruise vacation. From my multiple on board experiences and specified training on the Oasis Class ships, I can offer the most insight into the possibilities of cruising on board the Oasis or Allure of the Seas.

Also, I am a small ship enthusiast – I love river cruising and intimate yachting experiences. I am the right person to talk to about river cruises in Europe and Russia, as I am a Russian by the way, or other small ship adventures.

From a destination point of view I adore Alaska, it may be because it is closest to my Russian heritage, and Malaysia, where I resided and worked for almost 5 years. Every year I head to Europe to enjoy its food and immerse myself into the local culture.

Taking every client’s requests as one of my own, I am not one to just offer a ticket, rather an experience. Never one to make recommendations on what I am not fully knowledgeable in, I have gone through great lengths to experience every product I sell, in order to offer my clients the most insight.

If you are interested in what I can offer to you as a client, let me know. I will do more than book; rather create an experience for you and your family! Click here to write to me or simply dial 772 777-1337.

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