You may have heard of discount rates being applied to cruise fares, but how do you attain them? This video goes over what and how senior rates may be applied. Senior rates are available on select sailings, and are introduced at different times prior to departure. On those select departures, guests who are 55 and over, as well as those cruising within the same stateroom are eligible to receive it. While the senior rate may not be available during the time of your booking, Nadia can monitor rates for you up until your departure to lock in the lowest fare. Give us a call to learn more at 772-777-1337.

Do You Want to Try Royal Suite on the Enchantment of the Seas?

Great! You’ve decided to give the Oasis class ships a chance. Just right! Only problem is that when you are in the market for a vacation, everyone wants to sell you the "best deal” on the cabin. Well guess what? They are trying to sell you nothing more than a piece of paper. Yes, a paper that allows you to sail on the ship. They don’t care what your experience on this ship will be after their point of sale. That is not their business. They sold you a ticket. That is it. I’ve met some fairly underwhelmed cruisers from the Oasis class ships. Why are they underwhelmed? It may be because their expectations are totally different from reality. Why? Because nobody bothered to explain to them that cruising on the Oasis class ships is totally different. You are among over 5 thousand people. There are hundreds of options to choose from. Royal Caribbean provides all hardware: great staterooms, wonderful dining, and great service. But! Memories are not hardware. It may be 50% hardware, but not more. Memories are what you did and how happy you were on your experience. If you spent too much on the “best deal” on your stateroom – you can’t accommodate your teenager’s request to zip line in Labadie. It becomes above your budget. And to be honest, your cabin doesn’t matter to your teenager all that much. He just wants to do the zip line. This creates misunderstandings and misconceptions about your family vacation. The last thing you want to do is have a ticket in your hand, while watching everyone else partake in all the attractions. Look at it from this point of view. Everyone in your family wants to be pleased. But when expectations are different… doesn’t turn out so well. They might not pin point it, but when answering the question, “How was your vacation? Answer will be, OK… It is just right…” Your son will not run up screaming, “Dad, that was the best vacation ever!” Because you didn’t meet his expectations. When you work with me, I will not just sell you a stateroom but I will create an experience for everyone in your family. Everyone included. I am not a salesperson. I am a consultant. First of all, I will help you to establish your budget. Second, I will help you to establish expectations for everyone in your family. Third, we will find the best accommodation within of your budget. And the best activities for everyone to be satisfied. Everyone will return back and say, “WOW! Now THAT was the best vacation EVER!” Cruising on the Oasis class ships is a great experience! Trick is HOW you book it. Concentration on the 'best deal' leads you to abandoning idea of experience.