Customized Travel to Kaliningrad, Russia

  • Located between Poland and Lithuania
  • Great for history lovers, bird watchers, and adventurous travelers
  • Ancestral homeland travel
  • We design your custom-made vacation in Kaliningrad and Baltic states

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Kaliningrad Travel: A New Idea for Your Vacation

Kaliningrad, former Konigsberg, is a historically rich region to visit. The Kaliningrad Oblast is the name for this region with Kaliningrad being its capital city. The Kaliningrad Oblast is a small territory of Russia between Lithuania and Poland on the Baltic Sea. Kaliningrad was founded by the Teutonic Knights in the 13th century, was part of German East Prussia up to the end of World War II. After being overtaken by the USSR, this region was renamed and repopulated. German population was forced to leave for Germany and Russian citizens from all over the Soviet Union came occupied it. Kaliningrad was badly damaged in 1944 and was almost completely rebuilt. Also, the 14th century Konigsberg Cathedral, the main city attraction, is restored.

For centuries, Kaliningrad region was known for its amber jewels where 90% of the world’s amber is located. Kaliningrad is known for the 7 bridges of Konigsberg and as hometown of philosopher Kant.

Who May be Interested in Kaliningrad Travel

Kaliningrad travel is good for people who have a personal reason to visit this region.

First of all, this may be interesting for people whose parents were forced to leave this region after World War II. Parts of the countryside look and feel as though they are still part of the old rural East Prussia.  For those visitors Kaliningrad travel is an opportunity to restore family history.

Kaliningrad travel may be interesting for birdwatchers.  The Curonian National park is a UNESCO-protected area. Millions of migrating birds pass over the spit every year, making it a birdwatcher’s dream. Tourists can visit one of the world’s first ornithological stations in Rybachiy.

Kaliningrad travel is good for people who are interested in military history, World War II and Soviet era history. The USSR architecture, fields of legendary battles, and numerous military museums give a lot to explore.

How Can Aurora Cruises & Travel Help Me

  • The owner of the company is Kaliningrad born and raised. Your excursions must be planned according to your vacation goals in mind.
  • The Russian visa application is very complicated and confusing. Do you want somebody to check through your papers and give you insider advice?
  • We can coordinate tours, hotels, and itineraries, as well as recommend best times to visit.
  • Be with you in case of emergencies and trip delays

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