Russian River Cruise


Why Are Russian River Cruises Popular?

River cruises are one of the most desirable vacation in the river cruise market due to one of two reasons:

First of all, cultural immersion during the Russian river cruises is outstanding. You can’t receive the same experience just on a 2 day stay in St.-Petersburg on a North European cruise like on a Russian river cruise. You will feel and understand the real Russia while on the Russian river cruises.

Second, the value for you money that the Russian river cruises provide for you is superb. The Russian river cruises are an all-inclusive floating hotel that transports you into heart of Russia.

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A Real Russia Travel Expert You Can Trust

  • Need more than just a travel salesperson – one that truly understands your needs?
  • Are you ready for someone to show you how to enjoy your Russia river cruise?

Stop surfing the Net! Nadia is a professional travel consultant and Elite Cruise Counselor by CLIA – Cruise Line International Association. A native from Kaliningrad, in western Russia, Nadia was educated in St-Petersburg and is now the owner of Aurora Cruises& Travel, LLC.

Your Benefits to Work with a Personal Travel Consultant

  • Help you choose the river cruise line, right time to go to Russia, cabin category (categories are different from big ships), and the right itinerary.
  • We can help save you a lot of time, effort, and money.
  • Create custom pre and post cruise logistics. This translates to visiting off path places and shows.
  • Your personal travel consultant will be with you in case of emergencies, trip delays, flight cancellations, and force major situations such as natural disasters or strikes
  • Finally, your Russia travel expert will help you to obtain visas to Russia!

Any questions? Call Nadia at 772 777-1337

Nadia’s Advice about Russian River Cruises

  • Best value for your money
  • Great for history and art lovers looking to immerse themselves into the Russian Culture
  • Best for family history travel – rediscover your roots
  • Most of the ships in Russian river cruises are refurbished and thus are totally different from the rest of ships on the European destinations. This may affect sizes and layout of staterooms. Each ship is different and must be chosen carefully.
  • Not all Russian river cruise lines are equal. Some have amenities that other don’t have.
  • Your additional excursions and pre and after cruise extensions must be planned according to your vacation goals in mind. Do you like ballet? Do you like folk shows? Do you want to discover your ancestors and spend some time in State Archive?
  • The Russian visa application is very complicated and confusing. Do you want somebody to check through your papers and give you insider advice?
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