St. Petersburg, Russia


St. Petersburg Customized Packages

St. Petersburg in Russia is one of the most culturally rich cities in the world, a true jewel of Russia’s heritage. With the city’s many enriching destinations and its vast palaces spread through the outskirts, there is much planning to be done ahead of time. The St. Petersburg Russia Tour is a tailor made trip we customize for you based on your interests.

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Why the St. Petersburg Russia Tour?

St. Petersburg Russia Tour allows you to enjoy a vibrant, cosmopolitan atmosphere and some of the most beautiful architecture in Europe. It is a perfect vacation destination for those who are interested in arts, culture, and history.

During your St. Petersburg Russia Tour you will see one of the most popular museums in the world – the Hermitage. You can enjoy over 3 million items in its collection, from Egyptian artifacts to Impressionist masterpieces.

To truly immerse yourself into the history books, walk through one of the many imperial estates St. Petersburg has to offer. Imperial estates are another special topic during your St. Petersburg Russia Tour. We recommend you to visit the prime attractions as Tsarskoe Selo, Peterhof (also well-known as Petrodvorets), and my favorite – the Pavlovsk.

The St. Petersburg Russia Tour is a custom-made tour for you and your family or friends. Do you like performing arts? Do you really enjoy ballet or Tchaikovsky music? Or maybe your passion is garden landscape and architecture? We will build your St. Petersburg Russia Tour around your interests.

A lot of people make their St. Petersburg Russia Tour because of family history. It is a good idea to visit place where your ancestors came from and rediscover your family roots and heritage. In this case your St. Petersburg Russia Tour will be adjusted to give you chance to visit State Historical Archive and try to find treads for your family history.

How We Can Customize Your Trip

  • Help you to create tour logistics, such as air, hotel, and transfers
  • Insider advice what to do and what NOT to do in Russia
  • Help you to choose excursions and activities during your St. Petersburg Russia Tour
  • Be with you in case of emergencies, trip  delays, flight cancellations, and force majore situations as natural disasters or strikes
  • We will help you to obtain visa to Russia
  • Expert advice to design your Russian vacation in your way

 Why Is Important to Have Travel Planners from Aurora Cruises & Travel?

  • The owner of the company is Russian born, and has lived in St. Petersburg, Russia for 10 years. She creates your own Petersburg Russia Tour
  • Not all St. Petersburg Russia Tours are equal. Some has amenities that other don’t have – and we can show you how.
  • Your excursions must be planned according to your vacation goals in mind
  • The Russian visa application is very complicated and confusing. Do you want somebody to check through your papers and give you insider advice?
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